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Become a member and join the number one French network in China!

In 2017, the French Chamber of Commerce’s network comprises 1,603 members and 54 companies Board of Sponsors ranging from big corporations to successful French SMEs working in China.

Members of the CCI France Chine in 2017 in figures:

Our Business Club - a real platform for exchange and networking - is the largest French network in China. The French Chamber has had a very rich year in 2017, and organized 350 events (conferences, networking events, luncheons, and cocktails), 100 working groups with 2,100 attendees while more than 2,500 people took part to our Galas in Beijing and Shanghai and our Beaujolais Nouveau events in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The ties between the French and Chinese communities have never been much stronger, and we believe that this year of celebrations will tighten them even more.

5 good reasons to join us:

  • Grow your network 
  • Develop your business 
  • Exchange your experiences and best practices
  • Increase your visibility
  • Stay informed via our Economic Intelligence Center

Members of the French Chamber enjoy exclusive advantages and special discounts, as listed below:

  • Privileged access to:

1,603 members of the CCI France Chine and more than 22,000 contacts, French leaders, managers and entrepreneurs in China French and Chinese economic decisionmakers Chinese business community CCI France Chine’s French, Chinese and international  institutional partners.

  • Business tools to aid your development and communication:

Members’ Directory, 3,100 copies circulated in China and France, both printed and e-version (coming soon).
- Connexions business magazine providing economic and financial information and covering contemporary Chinese issues.
pc幸运28投注分析器 CCI France Chine portal providing news about the Chamber and China.

  • Stay informed and contribute to our:

Working Groups and Clubs reserved for members only.
Conferences, round tables and debates.

  • Build your network, invite your team and vip clients to Chamber events:

Annual Galas in Beijing and Shanghai (+2,500 persons).
Bastille Day (+1,800 persons).
Beaujolais Nouveau in Canton and Shenzhen (+500 persons).
Exclusive invitations (during official visits of delegations  for the Welcome Back Cocktail and Christmas Party,...).
International, European and French networking events.

  • Develop your business:

Business Support.
Business Centers and "One stop shopping".
Recruitment, Training and Internship services.
Business Visa Fast Track: preferential and simplified treatment.
Communicate via our Media Kit.
Participate in the annual Top French Firms Awards.

  • Right to vote at the general assembly:

During the General Assembly of the Chamber, the members elect the member of the Board of Chamber and vote the annual budget. Only the Board of sponsors, the Corpoarate Company Members and the Corporate Individual Members have the right to vote.

  • Privileges in more than 50 countries:

Being affiliated with the French Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Overseas - CCI France International (CCIFI), your Members Privileges card further entitles you to enjoy exclusive discounts in France and in more than 50 countries around the world. Please visit Privileges Exclusifs of CCIFI to see what the world has to offer.

Wondering how to become a member? Please click here for more information.

CCI France Chine Become a member

For more information about the privileges offered by our membership, please refer to our business club brochure below or please download from here:

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