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September 13, 2018


Often foreign companies that have been set-up in China for a few years, consider new options to accelerate their development in the market. M&A or a new establishment in the region are two main options generally looked at. Depending on the specific situation, an extensive study of pros and cons may be necessary.

For a new organic growth project, the choice of the location is crucial for a thoughtful and successful expansion, which will allow the company to develop to another level. At the same time, the M&A process can be filled with challenges if not well prepared ahead, especially in such a complex environment.  

In this workshop we will share with you our experiences in the last 10 years in Asia advising foreign investments to prepare and carry out their expansion project, and the difficulties and key success factors when facing these strategy decisions.

Topics Covered

- A new incorporation: key factors to be considered 

- M&A: opportunities and obstacles

- Organic growth vs. external growth, which suitable expansion strategy

- Case studies

Guest Speaker

Catherine Song
General Manager Greater China (Shanghai & Hong Kong)

A graduate of Beijing Foreign Study University and holder of an MBA from HEC Montreal, Catherine joined Pramex International in 2005 in Shanghai after 7 years working in China for various French companies (Peugeot Automobile, Transroute International, etc.). 

She now manages the Pramex International greater China where she leads acquisition and divestiture transactions for French SMEs in different sectors and advises companies in investing in the Chinese market especially through acquisitions or Joint Ventures.

Catherine speaks fluent French, English, Mandarin and Cantonese and holds a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). 

About Pramex International

Founded in 1975, Pramex International, subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, is the leading French consulting firm for international development dedicated to Start-ups & SMEs, and number 1 in the administrative and financial management of their international subsidiaries. 

We work on organic growth projects with CFOs, offering professional services such as incorporation and outsourced corporate services (accounting, tax, legal, HR, etc.) for their foreign subsidiaries. In addition, we support and advise CEO’s for external growth projects by conducting international acquisitions on behalf of our clients.

Our organization is based on an integrated network of 17 offices in 13 countries, in-house production processes, and teams composed of bilingual and multicultural experts. 

In greater China, our services cover the entire zone with our teams based in Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Date: Thursday, September 13, 2018

Time: 8:30 –10:00 a.m

Language: English

Fees: Free (event reserved to CCI FRANCE CHINE members)


Suites 201-222, 2F, Building 81, No 4 Gongti North Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing



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